Amazon – Tweet To Spread Smiles This Diwali

October saw Amazon India announce the biggest sale in its history throughout Diwali, India’s national festival. The campaign encouraged acts of giving by asking the public to tweet in order to send gifts to NGOs and orphanages across the country.

The Challenge announced its sale – Great Indian Festival – Tyohar Bade Dilwala! (also known as the Big-hearted festival!) in the first week of October in 2016. It would be promoting a range of blockbuster deals at attractive prices.

The campaign was to be launched before Diwali, ‘Festival of Lights’, which is celebrated nationally in India and encourage magnanimity that manifests into acts of benevolence not just towards family members and friends, but to society at large.

To amplify this further, Amazon tied up with NGO’s & orphanages to gift the underprivileged and the orphans to spread smiles during this festive period.

Our challenge was how to bring this to life in Out of Home?

Our Solution

The campaign idea was simple. People were asked to tweet and give missed calls in order to unlock gifts that would be sent out to the NGO’s.

To activate this in OOH, we installed LED Digital Panels on billboards across top 7 cities, with tickers counting the tweets and missed calls received in each city. A dashboard with live numbers of missed calls, tweets & gifts unlocked was created which was shown on the LED Digital panels.

The message on billboards read: Tweet using the hashtag #BadeDilwale or give a missed call to 1800 3000 5572, and we will send a gift to the needy.

Furthermore, on the ground, a make shift RJ studio was set up at various corporate parks which spoke about this activity and encouraged more tweets and missed calls.


We received an overwhelming response with more than a thousand tweets & missed calls per day!

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