Bombay Dyeing: Ebony & Ivory Product Launch

Bombay Dyeing has attracted great popularity and loyalty among older generations in recent times, however, their next key objective was to target the ‘young modern woman’.

The Challenge

The objective of this unique out-of-home campaign was to reinvent itself and reposition the Bombay Dyeing brand as a contemporary and elegant producer, which can customise their product offerings to the needs of the so-called ‘New Age Generation’.

The client was on the look-out for the next big media event to launch its new modern collection.

Our Solution

The release of the movie ‘Shamitabh’ coincided with that of the latest bed linen range, which presented itself as the ideal opportunity to launch their Ebony & Ivory collection as it allowed us to tap into the ideal target market – the young, contemporary woman.

Research also showed that ‘Shamitabh’ shared similarities with Bombay Dyeing’s own branding and colours – so we used the Ebony and Ivory collection to highlight this.

We secured in-film ‘Bombay Dyeing’ branding throughout the movie’s trailer and advertising build-up – and this was supported by a multi-media campaign including TV, Radio & Digital.

A competition was also set up in a high-end Mumbai mall, with the winners awarded a holistic ‘Ebony & Ivory’ experience through an exclusive screening of ‘Shamitabh’. We branded the movie theatre to include a black and white carpet, a strict dress code theme for cinema staff, movie posters in black and white and a 3D display of Amitabh Bachchan, all alongside the Ebony and Ivory collection where people could have their photo taken.


Our overall audience reach was 93 million via this integrated multi-media campaign and our fans on Facebook and Twitter increased by 500 and 200 respectively.

Post-campaign research showed us that there was an increase in positive brand association towards the Bombay Dyeing brand, with a surge in “Luxurious”, “Innovative”, “Modern”, and “Stylish” brand values.

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