Castrol CRB – Real-Time Transit Branding

How OOH was used to communicate directly to Castrol CRB’s target audience, driving relevance and brand advocacy.

The Challenge

Castrol CRB is the category leader in India and believes in working on new approaches to communicate with its customers.

Our task was to increase visibility, talk-ability and brand association amongst the core target group of Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) users.

Our Solution

To reach the target audience directly and create brand recall, we used LCV branding for a period of three months. This played a dual communications role as both a broadcast media channel, as well as an “influencer” to the core target group: LCV owners.

We branded 600 such vehicles in total, across eight key markets for the brand in India.

Locations were shortlisted based on their ability to deliver maximum audience reach; helping to generate a high volume of word-of-mouth publicity for the brand amongst the core target group.

LCV stands were then mapped, with the actual LCV’s meticulously hand-selected based on individual quality criteria.

In a media-first, LCVs were tracked through GPS on a dashboard by City, LCV Number and Driver Name, allowing the client to view the deferred live status of the vehicle location across all eight markets. Heat maps were also produced to help us track the locations most frequently visited in real-time.


The three-month campaign created impact, customer advocacy, and a direct brand connection with the target audience: the LCV owners.

According to a 2017 AC Nielsen report, Castrol CRB’s market share increased by 3.6%, with volumes growing by 40% against category growth of just 0.2%.

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