Aldi Hit Shoppers with Targeted Price Message

With 39% of supermarket visitors claiming they see Out-of-Home advertising less than 30 minutes before undertaking their grocery shop, an ideal opportunity arose to target competitor customers and inform them they were just a hop, skip and a jump away from their nearest Aldi store.

The Challenge

Rapport’s challenge was to increase consideration for Aldi among main shoppers. Our media strategy was to minimise the time gap between each purchase occasion and the last advertising exposure for Aldi. This would enable us to aggressively target competitor supermarkets, encouraging shoppers to switch by delivering a hard-hitting price message.

Our Solution

Poster sites were selected at a micro-level, with every poster falling within individual store catchment areas. Using Rapport’s ‘Insite’ mapping software and Retail Locations Data, we created Aldi’s customer catchment areas, identifying relevant competitors within them and establishing relevant proximity poster locations.

Roadside formats were used for their broadcast reach but also their geo-targeting capabilities. We targeted all category buyers to enhance Aldi’s mental brand availability – but only those within an Aldi catchment area in order to match their physical brand availability. 48 sheets were chosen as the “hero” format – elevating Aldi and adding credibility to the brand. These were supported by 6 sheets, which played a crucial coverage and proximity role, allowing us to get as close to as possible to as many competitor stores as possible.


As part of the media mix, OOH successfully amplified the effects of Aldi’s TV activity. Those who were exposed to both the OOH and TV campaigns were more likely to spontaneously mention the brand, express positive brand perceptions and consider shopping at Aldi in the future.

Top of Mind spontaneous awareness for Aldi increased three points amongst those who recalled the OOH campaign while awareness for competitor Lidl was down 11 points among the same audience.

The campaign successfully communicated key brand messages including ‘offering a cost effective alternative to branded good’ (+8pts), ‘value without compromising on quality’ (+6pts) and ‘offers a wide range of products’ (+8pts).

This resulted in those who saw the OOH campaign being 12 percentage points more likely to consider shopping at Aldi in the future. Job done.

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