American Airlines Re-Appraisal Takes Off with Spectacular OOH

We helped American Airlines introduce their latest planes and increase purchase consideration of their business class service offering.

The Challenge

American Airlines have a vision “to become the greatest airline in the world”.

But they were just starting this journey. They needed to communicate their enhanced schedule, new planes and improved in-flight experience to a hard-to-reach AB audience in London.

Ultimately, we needed to change perceptions and get people to re-appraise the brand.

Our Solution

Our media strategy needed to match such an ambitious vision. Despite a smaller budget than our competitors, we decided to act as though we were the market-leader, by delivering bold communications through premium media placements.

The use of iconic digital OOH formats brought fame to the campaign and helped showcase the new planes and highlight the various elements of the enhanced service.

Large format sites at key rail and underground stations amplified reach to a key commuter audience, while adding dwell-time to aid consideration.

We also used advertising to mimic the product experience: helping customers stay entertained and productive. The use of taxis provided an impactful presence on the street, but our sponsorship of its Wi-Fi provided a public utility. Digital Taxi-Tops were incorporated and contextual messaging displayed when driving through key locations.

Finally, ECN Live screens located throughout offices in The City and Canary Wharf provided a highly targeted element, reaching this audience in their place of work.


The OOH campaign cut-through and had a major impact on perceptions among those who recalled it:

– Top of Mind Awareness of American Airlines increased by 112%

– Attitudes towards American Airlines enhanced as a result of the campaign, with brand favourability increasing by 70%

– Consideration for flying American Airlines increased by 51%

– Recommendation of American Airlines to others increased by 121%

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