Burton’s Foods ‘Cadbury Biscuits’

A bold, fun and highly successful solus Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign generated mass awareness and sales for this new Burton’s Foods product launch.

The Challenge

Rapport’s challenge was to launch an entirely new type of biscuit – a combination of biscuit and confectionary – into an already crowded marketplace.

The aim was to position the product as ‘something a bit special and unique’.

Our Solution

In order to differentiate the product Rapport needed to behave differently to everyone else in media.

Contravening the usual category approach for TV, this was to be the biscuit sector’s first ever product launch using only Out-of-Home (OOH) – allowing Rapport “ownership” of the medium.

Our layered approach used a wider range of OOH formats in key environments to reach huge numbers of shoppers and mirror their purchase decision cycle.

Premium digital and large-format was used to highlight the ‘specialness’ of the product, while the high frequency of small-format posters allowed us to communicate various messages at scale, with an element of proximity to point of purchase built into the campaign to prompt trial.


Ad awareness was significantly ahead of industry norms, with purchase consideration increasing massively to finish +10% versus the industry average.

Point-of-Sale advertising drove a +24% sales uplift during the campaign and +13% post campaign – again above industry norms.

After the first 16 weeks of sales, Cadbury Biscuits had become the biggest biscuit launch in the past ten years, creating a £15.2m Retail Sales Value (RSV) brand in less than a year, and was to become the second biggest new product development (NPD) grocery launch of the year.

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