Contextual OOH Leverages Audience Passion Points

We helped Stowford Press to raise brand perception, drive increased purchase and promote their partnership with English Cricket.

The Challenge

Stowford Press is a challenger brand in the cider category. The family-owned company from Herefordshire has been making cider in the same location since 1880, using traditional methods in their cider making process.

We were tasked with using Stowford’s partnership with English Cricket to increase brand awareness, promote the brand’s heritage and, ultimately, drive sales in the key regions of London, the South East & Midlands.

Our Solution

At the heart of our strategy lay the use of contextual planning to leverage audience passion points.

To highlight the tie-in with English Cricket, we created tube station dominations in proximity to Lord’s & The Oval, timed to hit England fans attending The Ashes Test Matches.

Moreover, as the weather is a key driver of cider consumption, we used dynamic digital OOH to enhance message relevance. Temperature activated messages were served, based on real-time and location specific data from the Met Office.

Classic Out-of-Home supplemented this to drive mass awareness and fame; with roadside posters being used in the Midlands and South East regions, while Underground and Rail was used in London due to the different commuter habits of our target audience.

Finally, Point-of-Sale 6 sheets were used to support Stowford’s key retail partner, Sainsbury’s, and acted as the call-to-action to prompt purchase in-store.


The Out-of-Home campaign successfully communicated the key brand messages of local provenance, and that it is a cider to be enjoyed and not rushed.

Those who saw the OOH campaign were:

– 84% more likely to have a “very favourable” opinion of Stowford Press

– 15% more likely to consider Stowford Press

– Twice as likely to “definitely recommend” Stowford Press

Increased consideration successfully translated to purchase, with those who saw the OOH campaign 85% more likely to have purchased Stowford Press in the last month.

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