Fitbit Differentiates Product Range with ‘Alta HR’ Launch

Already the market leader, Fitbit were looking to build on their current awareness and success by launching a brand-new product, the Fitbit Alta HR.

The Challenge

To successfully differentiate the Alta HR from the rest of the Fitbit range by communicating its unique Heart Rate and Sleep Tracking features.


Rapport were tasked with finding an innovative solution to do this using OOH, whilst also aiming to increase awareness, consideration, and ultimately drive sales of the new product.

Our Solution

The Alta HR positioned itself as the technological companion to daily life, with each of the product’s main features and benefits rooted heavily in particular contexts.

Rapport needed to find a way to communicate these unique features across the daily grind, essentially getting to the very ‘heart’ of these moments.

Digital 6 Sheets proved to be the ideal format, offering the flexibility to serve a range of creative messages, but also in the moments that mattered most, for example Sleep Tracking during the morning commute or Calorie Tracking just before an evening meal. Additionally, the diverse environments offered by the format enabled different roles to be assumed, with commuter sites driving consideration and awareness, and proximity to retailers influencing purchases.

This allowed us to marry the right message with the right contexts in order to create a truly tactical, efficient and effective outdoor campaign.


Prompted Ad Awareness for Fitbit increased by 28%.

Awareness of the Alta HR product increased by 27%, whilst overall Fitbit brand awareness increased by 14%.

Perceptions of the Fitbit Alta HR and its functionality improved in accordance with the creative messages, with statements relating to Sleep Tracking (+45%), Heart Rate (+22%) and Calorie Burning (+22%) increasing significantly.

Purchase Consideration for the Alta HR doubled amongst those who recalled seeing the OOH ad.

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