Media Differentiation Drives Purchase

In order to differentiate through its media strategy, Clover ignored the sector convention of using TV advertising, instead opting for OOH to achieve cut-through. The resulting Share-of-Voice (SOV) increase, combined with a simple but compelling communication, successfully converted light & medium Clover buyers into heavier buyers over the course of the campaign.

The Challenge

Clover had changed their recipe, making them the only spread to be made completely free of artificial ingredients.

The key communication objective was to deliver this simple straightforward message, which in turn would help drive sales by stealing market share from key competitors.

But with a lower media budget than their main competitor, Flora, we needed to stand out.

Our Solution

Rapport’s research showed that TV, and to a lesser extent Press, were the dominant media channels for this sector.

This made OOH an under-utilised medium to exploit – so we set about creating a three-phase campaign strategy: Launch, Sustained Awareness & Sales Drive.

The launch phase focused on delivering mass reach and brand fame – for which we used roadside billboards nationally. Using a high impact media choice for campaign launch also helped prime our second phase of activity.

In order to sustain awareness, we used national 6 sheets for their cost-efficient mass reach and ability to support key retailers.

Interspersed before, during and after the ‘sustain’ awareness phase was a ‘sales drive’ activation, consisting of point-of-sale support at numerous key retailers.

All OOH placements were optimised around key retail locations.


Clover achieved 97% category SOV in OOH during the campaign period – three times greater than if they had used TV.

This increased SOV delivered greater cut-through – with Clover’s ad awareness moving from 5th to 3rd amongst their competitor set.

Spontaneous ad awareness for Clover increased by 50%, while prompted ad awareness almost doubled.

All brand health measures increased over the campaign period: Favourability +28%, Consideration +10% and Recommendation +15%.

Most importantly, Claimed Purchased increased +12% by turning light Clover buyers into heavier Clover buyers.

Heavy Clover buyers increased +23% at the expense of light and medium Clover buyers, dropping -3% and -4% respectively.

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