Microsoft and its ‘Everyday Celebs’

In the UK’s biggest ever interactive Digital OOH campaign, Rapport turned the British public into ‘Everyday Celebrities’ and smashed all our sales targets.

The Challenge

Microsoft needed to launch their latest Windows Phone into the potentially lucrative, but highly competitive pre-Christmas market.

Windows Phone is a unique, personal device – designed to reflect the unique personalities of everyone who owns it.

Rapport’s challenge was to use media that communicated this in as ‘real’ a way as possible.

Our Solution

Rapport developed a pioneering Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) strategy that combined Interactive, Broadcast and Social on a scale that had not been attempted before –  making ‘Everyday Celebrities’ out of the British public.

The interactive technology deployed allowed us to showcase many of the uniquely personal Windows Phone experiences – allowing consumers to select their home-screen colour and lifestyle preferences, while adding their own name and photo.

Within minutes of interacting, consumers were able to see their face on DOOH sites across the country – giving a unique, ‘real people’ feel – and perfectly showcasing the phone’s USP.

Adding another layer of personality, we linked our entire Digital Out-of-Home campaign up to Facebook. Operating in real time, we placed images of the DOOH creative in situ onto a Windows Phone Gallery, allowing consumers to tag themselves and share their moment of fame with friends across the web.


The participation-led DOOH strategy achieved 15,490 interactions (+210% above target) and received 2,266 subscriptions to become stars of the broadcast campaign.

The activity enhanced brand perception of Windows Phone with a +21% rise around core brand statements – including ‘love’ and ‘innovation’.

Between the campaign launch and Christmas – during which time Out-of-Home was the core media – Windows Phone sales rose 143% above target.

Resource Centre

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