Now TV ‘Back In Your Box’

We applied gamification theory to a participation-led advertising strategy in order to engage families and drive positive brand buzz for NOW TV, Sky’s internet TV service.

The Challenge

NOW TV allows viewers to watch Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky entertainment TV programmes without a Sky subscription, either by paying for the month (movies and entertainment) or for day passes (sports).

The challenge was to engage a young family audience over the summer holiday period, driving consideration of NOW TV’s Movies content.

Our Solution

The cinema environment allowed Rapport to reach a family audience with an interest in films, and the flexibility of using a digital platform allowed us to run a weekend takeover strategy – maximising delivery to our target family audience.

However we needed to go beyond traditional communications if we were to succeed in creating an engaging and memorable campaign.

The social nature and captive environment of the cinema lent itself to a participation-led approach, so we deployed a gaming experience to drive buzz.

An interactive digital game featured movie characters found on NOW TV emerging from boxes a similar shape to the NOW TV Box. Players had to tap as many characters as possible on the screen to get them “back in their box” within the 30 second time limit!

The game ran in the ten most popular cinemas across the country over four consecutive weekends during the school summer holidays, supported by traditional six-sheets in 304 cinemas.


The interaction levels were staggering – delivering 16,597 plays in just eight days. 92% of players completed the game – indicating high engagement levels.

Cinema exit interviews revealed that the participation-led element of the campaign created an emotional connection with players.

79% described the game as “fun” to play, with over half of respondents saying the game had attracted their attention.

One in five agreed the interactive element made NOW TV more memorable, and the same number stated they would be recommending NOW TV to family and friends as a consequence of playing the game. Result!

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