OOH Boosts OTC Product Consideration

A leading children’s medicine brand were looking to run a seasonal campaign to support an existing non-medicinal product that soothes and helps children to breath clearly.

The Challenge

Rapport were tasked with finding a cost-effective and efficient way of reaching parents, in a context where the information could be effectively communicated and absorbed, with the aim of increasing awareness and consideration of the product.

Our Solution

We tapped into moments where the desired target audience of parents not only had the time to engage with the advertising, but where their children were front-of-mind. Play centres were chosen during school holidays, constituting an environment made up almost exclusively of parents, therefore reducing wastage.

Table Talkers, Leaflets and traditional 6 Sheets stationed inside the play centres were chosen, taking advantage of the long dwell times. Whilst the 6 Sheets would act as the awareness driver, the informative formats, deployed in this befitting environment and context, allowed for the effective communication of the product’s benefits.


Spontaneous ad awareness for the pharmaceutical brand increased by 7%.

Those exposed to OOH were up to 17% more likely to be aware of the pharmaceutical brand’s advertising, and 14% more likely to be aware of an ad campaign for its nasal congestion product.

Of the products featured in the OOH campaign, consumers were twice as likely to purchase products to treat congestion & blocked noses (38% vs 16%), 60% more likely to buy to treat colds (61% vs 38%) and nearly 3 times more likely to buy to treat a cough (42% vs 15%).

Trust towards the band increased by 7% over the course of the OOH campaign.

Exposure to the brand’s OOH campaign resulted in a 13% increase in favourable impressions towards its product range.

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