Peugeot Drive Prospects into Local Dealerships

We helped Peugeot increase local dealership footfall by driving awareness among potential customers.

The Challenge

Peugeot needed to raise awareness of the 48 hour test-drive offer available on their 308 model and, ultimately, drive consumer traffic into their dealerships.

Our Solution

To ensure hyper-local, relevant messaging, we needed to work within each dealer’s bespoke catchment area and avoid crossover into neighbouring dealerships. Therefore, each of the 199 participating dealers had an individual design, rendering it crucial that the correct copy was on display in each specific catchment area.

Roadside 48 sheets and Digital 48s screens were hand-selected on key arterial routes, acting as the key driver of impact for this campaign. This was augmented with the use of Roadside 6 sheets to help increase reach and drive frequency.


Visits to a Peugeot dealership doubled amongst those who were exposed to OOH.

Time spent at the dealership increased by 40% amongst those who were exposed to the campaign.

Time spent and visits to the dealership were heavily influenced by the frequency with which people were exposed to the OOH campaign. High exposure typically resulted in 3-4 times more time spent at the dealership.

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