POS Drives Purchase Intent for Now TV Boxes

NOW TV tested a point-of-sale 6 sheet presence across one hundred supermarket stores to determine the effect this would have on their overall sales performance.

The Challenge

NOW TV’s Box makes it extra easy for viewers to take control of their favourite television series, allowing them to simply hook up to their broadband and begin watching with one of their passes.

These boxes are currently available across a range of different in-store outlets. One of the emerging trends seen by NOW TV has been the increased volume of sales in supermarket stores.

The client wanted to understand if a point of sale 6 sheet presence could have a positive effect on sales volumes.

Our Solution

NOW TV utilised a range of in-store point of sale formats across the ASDA portfolio. The client wanted to examine what uplift there would be, if any, in sales volumes through an enhanced 6 sheet point-of-sale presence.

In order to do this, Rapport looked into activating an increase in the presence of this particular format across 100 stores nationwide, while devising a stringent test & control research study across a pre-defined number of test stores.


Those who were exposed to the OOH campaign outside of ASDA supermarkets were more likely than their control counterparts, who weren’t exposed to any advertising, to consider purchasing a NOW TV Box in future and agree with a range of brand perception statements.

At POS the NOW TV Box was the most spontaneously recalled media-streamer

When prompted those who latterly recalled having seen the OOH ad were 16 pts more likely to be aware of NOW TV

Those at test stores were more likely to agree with key brand perception statements including ‘allows me to get amazing entertainment on my TV’ (+9 pts), ‘has the latest and best content’ (+7 pts) and ‘has the best of catch-up TV included’ (+5 pts)

Those at test stores were 13 pts more likely than those at control stores to consider purchasing a Now TV box in future

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