Royal Mail ‘Real-Time OOH’ Gold Medal Winner Stamps

How real-time Out-of-Home (OOH) and round-the-clock collaboration led to £millions in Royal Mail stamp sales and made them cool to a new generation.

The Challenge

The use of stamps and stamp collecting was in severe decline, with consumer preference towards email, text and social media. Stamps were losing saliency, and the future of stamp collecting was looking bleak.

As the Official Stamps Supplier of the 2012 Olympics, Royal Mail saw a great opportunity to make stamps relevant again by printing special edition celebratory stamps in tribute to each Team GB and Paralympic GB Gold Medal winner.

In a Royal Mail first, the celebratory stamps were made available by lunchtime the following day.

Rapport’s challenge was to make the public aware of the chance to own a unique piece of Olympic history.

Our Solution

With an event as exciting and fast-moving as London 2012, consumers want to be kept informed 24/7.

To answer this demand, Rapport had to operate in real-time and use our advertising to keep our audience informed of the sporting action as it unfolded.

The media idea focused on “being a part of the daily Olympic conversation” and staying with the public throughout their Olympic day.

Given that London 2012 was ‘The First Public Transport Olympics’, Rapport selected digital outdoor cross-track projections (XTP’s) on the Underground in and around sought-after Games vicinities. This allowed us to reach commuters following the sporting action on their way into work, as well as those travelling to Olympic events.

Each XTP used constantly-refreshed creative of the latest Gold Medal Winner Stamp, uploaded within 30 minutes of the latest Team GB win. No other media allowed this real-life, real-time proximity to the excitement.


“We’ve won the Olympics, we’re going to be on a stamp”, exclaimed Team GB athlete Sophie Hosking!

The way in which the UK press, the London 2012 commentary team and the athletes themselves embraced the idea of the stamps proved that this marketing strategy captured the nation’s imagination, making Royal Mail an exciting, interesting and unique part of their Olympic experience.

According to research, the Royal Mail campaign prompted the highest advertising awareness rate across the Games period.

Over £21m of stamps were sold (75% above expectations) and new collectors of stamps grew by 20%, with a younger and more female profile meaning that the campaign delivered against its objective of attracting a new generation of stamp collectors.

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