Sky Broadband ‘Fibre Launch’

How an idea to integrate OOH, Radio, Digital and Social Media brought to life Sky Broadband‘s new fibre offering – and led to increased purchase intent amongst their target audience.

The Challenge

The Sky Broadband proposition was to become even stronger with the launch of their fibre product, delivering faster speeds and enhancing the credibility of Sky’s overall broadband offering.

Fibre optic broadband wasn’t new though, yet we needed to establish it as a highly desirable product amongst Sky prospects.

Ultimately the campaign needed to sign-up customers.

Our Solution

The proposition to consumers was simple: demand more from your fibre optic broadband.

Rapport still needed to tell the world we had unlimited fibre – and OOH played a crucial role in all three phases of the ‘launch, peak & maintain’ campaign; but we also needed to excite consumers with the potential of the product.

Our strategy for this part of the brief was a participation-led approach that would bring to life the benefits of unlimited fibre broadband.

Taxis were the answer, becoming the ‘hero’ format at the centre of an innovative multi-media collaboration.

Absolute Radio was asked where they would go and what they would do with an unlimited Sky Fibre taxi. Their answer was that they wanted to broadcast a show live and unlimited on the streets of London – so we turned a taxi into a mobile studio!

Sky ran a competition on the flagship Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show, giving listeners the chance to win Sky Fibre on-air, online and on social media platforms.

The exciting outside broadcast concluded the promotion, with the entire four hour Breakfast Show hosted from our Sky Fibre taxi. The cabs integrated 4G connectivity kept the breakfast team on-air throughout the morning and allowed them to stop and interact with the unsuspecting general public.


In the words of our client, Nikki Griffiths, Brand Marketing Manager at Sky: “The OOH platform played a significant role as part of the media strategy to create impact and deliver a simple clear message to successfully launch Sky Fibre.”

The taxi & radio promotion achieved 5,126 competition entries, driving strong impressions online (+54% above the norm) and in social (+21% above the norm).

The overall campaign had the highest noticeability of all broadband campaigns, with 24% of customers and 19% of prospects recalling it. OOH in particular performed strongly, with recall being 43% higher than TV per £1 million spent. There was also a 7% uplift in intention-to-purchase amongst our target audience.

But the key result was customer sign-ups. 111,000 new broadband customers were added during the campaign, up 9% YOY, with a halo effect on triple play penetration (internet, TV & phone) which increased by three percentage points.

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