Sky Q Drive Awareness of New Features with AR Activation

Sky Q Voice Control was a key new feature launched by Sky, the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster. To celebrate and create buzz around the launch we created an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experience in Waterloo station.

The Challenge

Following its successful launch the previous year, Sky was looking to further increase awareness of Sky Q and communicate its brand new features: UHD (Ultra High Definition) and the Voice Activated Remote Control.

Rapport was tasked with finding an innovative, engaging and fun way of demonstrating the product, sparking conversation and creating a buzz in the process.

Our Solution

We organised for the campaign to take place in one of London’s busiest stations, directly in front of the impressive Waterloo Motion screen, utilising the half-term holidays to take full advantage of the higher, non-commuter footfall coming from children and families travelling through the station. We re-created the living room environment, with the set-up including a sofa area for the Augmented Reality experience, as well as two fully functional Sky Q boxes and ultra HD TV demo pods.

A Brand Ambassador greeted users who wanted to participate, asking them to choose from one of five popular Sky programs: Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman, Batman, The Walking Dead and Modern Family. Users would speak into the new Sky Q remote in order to call upon their favourite characters and activate the experience, thus showcasing the innovative Voice Control functionality.

Participants then enjoyed a 10-20 second interaction with their chosen character who, through the power of AR technology, appeared on-screen beside them in an array of fun and memorable scenarios, streamed live and broadcast on the giant Waterloo Motion screen. A still photo of the experience was instantly sent to the participants email address so that they could share with family and friends on social media.


The campaign ran for five days, with someone participating with the experience on average every 48 seconds, resulting in a total of over 4,500 unique interactions.

Sky also outperformed against every key campaign metric, including managing to shift the understanding of their voice control functionality by an impressive 22% over the campaign period.

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