Western Union Reach Out to Ethnic Minorities with Micro-Targeted Awareness Campaign

Western Union (WU) ran a micro-targeted multi-format OOH campaign reaching specific ethnic groups across the UK’s main cities, prompting trial of their newest global money transfer mobile app.

The Challenge

The challenge was for Western Union to drive trial of its digital services amongst their UK retail audience. In order to do this, we needed to raise awareness of WU’s digital products in those key retails areas that also reached a high proportion of the ethnic minority target audience.

Our Solution

Using modelled Census data and our data visualisation tool, Rapport cross-matched conurbations with high ethnic populations and WU retail locations to identify micro-targeted OOH placements at postcode level.

Roadside 6 sheets formed the bedrock of the OOH campaign, providing the highest coverage against our primary audience: those who had already transferred money in the last twelve months. Roadside digital screens generated additional stand-out in densely populated and culturally diverse city centres.


The Out-of-Home campaign worked hardest in London where the majority of activity was focused, increasing spontaneous awareness of the brand, consideration and knowledge of the new product offering.

Almost half of the target audience in London recalled having seen the OOH campaign

Spontaneous awareness increased 18 percentage points

Consideration of Western Union increased by 16 percentage points

Awareness of the key message – that you ‘can send money online or via mobile’ – increased 8 percentage points

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