‘Work From Anywhere’ with Office 365

‘Work From Anywhere’ with Office 365 brought the office to the commuter. A string of media-firsts, including Wi-Fi benches and lawn art, ensured our business audience were still productive while out of the office.

The Challenge

Office 365 is an office in the cloud. It’s an extremely complex piece of software but one feature stood out above all others: Office 365 allows you to ‘Work From Anywhere’.

The trouble was, for many the brand was seen as a purely ‘desk-based’ tool.

We needed to demystify the sector and the product by bringing to life the core selling point – ‘Work From Anywhere’ – to inspire IT decision makers and actually show them why Office 365 was the best tool on the market.

Our Solution

Challenging ourselves to create something that went way beyond traditional media, Rapport followed our audience through their working days, and used creative OOH media in smart ways to demonstrate to them that they could use Office 365 wherever they were.

The campaign incorporated numerous media firsts – all aligned to creating an efficient, productive workforce on the move.

25 taxis and sixteen termini train stations were Wi-Fi enabled, delivering useful content and a great service so people could work on the go. Train tables were turned into connected boardroom tables, lawn art helped workers envisage their office outdoors, and custom-built Wi-Fi enabled park benches were dropped into the UK’s key business hot-spots.


The OOH campaign generated over 800,000 Wi-Fi user sessions – with users being 44% more likely to consider Microsoft Business Solutions.

There were 21m visits to the website compared to 1.4m in the previous 6 months. Most importantly, Microsoft saw a 150% increase in small and medium-sized businesses using Office 365.

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