Welcome to our brand new website

Hi, welcome to our brand new website!

You may be aware, that earlier this year we took the important step of re-branding IPM to Rapport and our new website explains further about how we’ve changed as an agency and also the way that we work with you, our clients and partners.

The first thing to say is I can’t think of a better time to be in Out of Home (OOH) media. We see it as the fastest growing medium after the internet and unlike most media, its audience is growing because of the busy lives that we lead and the time that we spend away from home.

Investment in plant and new formats has delivered real growth and new advertisers but the most exciting change is digital and how poster to mobile is influencing the behaviour of audiences whether it’s watching content, downloading an app, making a purchase or simply connecting to the internet. It can’t have escaped your notice that many of the platforms that we imagined in a far-fetched future are actually available to us now. In fact, new Out of Home Digital provides clients with the added ability to  ‘entertain’ their audiences! That’s why we’re here to help you understand the new technology and how to get the best out of it.

So why the change and why now?

Successful and collaborative partnerships – you’ll have heard us talk about this and for clients and media partners clients alike it’s always been at the heart of everything we do. It means bespoke and innovative planning coupled with the most competitive buying. It’s something we do better than most and it’s reflected by our clients who actively choose to work with us because they recognise that Out of Home needs special attention.

It also refers to our new brand proposition of Rewarding Connections; this might seem obvious but it demonstrates and aspires to a real understanding of how Out of Home works by connecting through digital and rewarding through the most sophisticated technology available be it augmented reality, near field communication, networked sites or simply national or regional presence using standard formats.

We’re also interested in making the creative REALLY work, so we’re extending our service range by investing in digital post production to make sure that clients get the most from the media that we buy. To us that means real noticeable movement rather than a highly pixelated flat poster.

So back to our new website. The first thing you’ll notice is our new brand identity and corporate colour palate. Face to face you may also notice a change to the way that our people interact and that we have some new faces at Rapport HQ too. We’ve ditched formal attire which has taken a little getting used to (but has really helped sales at Covent Garden’s branches of Banana Republic and Massimo Dutti) and you can put some names to faces in the TEAM section. If you have a look on the Work page, you’ll see some great campaigns for clients using some of the new technology that I’ve described above. Some have needed a bit of cajoling, some have taken a leap of faith (after a little persuasion and a good idea) but they’re all still with us so we must be doing something right!

If you’ve got a few minutes more, I’d urge you to spend time reading up on our Tools; essentially we have Author™ which is our planning pathway, but it’s Alloy™ that’s really exciting. This is a new proprietary tool that we’re launching early in 2013. We’re excited about it because in an OOH world that is suddenly data rich with new POSTAR, Alloy™ provides consumer and expert insight to find the best environments and formats based on a panel of real people. In fact we’d really like to talk to you about it. Please don’t hesitate in calling me on 0203 059 0400.

Thanks again for visiting the new site, let’s start creating some Rapport!
Chris Marjoram.

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