Microsoft’s interactive digital campaign launched with Rapport

Microsoft launched a two-week interactive ad campaign showing off personalised start screens for Windows Phones. The ad campaign has been planned by Rapport and its sister communication agency UM London.

24 interactive screens in cinemas and shopping centres nationwide will display personalised start screens, with individuals’ photographs, first names and choices of “tiles”. Microsoft’s modern UI, formerly known as “Metro”, has been widely praised for its ease of use and visual appeal, and the same style is now used for the Windows 8 start screen. New personalised creative designs will be distributed every half an hour.

The national digital campaign includes screens in railway stations and sites such as Westfield London, Birmingham New Street and Manchester Hacienda.

Diane Perlman, marketing communications lead for Windows Phone UK, said: This idea had the wow factor right from the start and I’m thrilled to see it coming to life in cinemas and shopping centres across the UK.

With this innovation, we are enabling consumers to get involved in our campaign, become ‘famous’ and see first-hand how Windows Phone is unique to each one of us. The result is slick, easy to use and fun to interact with, just like Windows Phone.

The campaign uses technology built by digital outdoor production company Grand Visual, which uses its OpenLoop platform to distribute the user generated content, which also uses regional targeting.

It is the “biggest ever” outdoor interactive digital campaign in both scale and ambition, according to UM London. Beattie McGuinness Bungay adapted global Microsoft creative work by Wunderman for the campaign.

Microsoft recently installed a giant slide in Bluewater Shopping centre, Kent to launch the UK marketing activity for the Windows 8 operating system, to present Windows 8 as “fast and fun”. The new version of the operating system is designed to adapt to both desktop and tablet interfaces, making it suitable for the next generation of computing.

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