Route data heralds a new era of OOH Planning

Route, the future of OOH marketing communications 

This week has seen the Out of Home audience research body POSTAR re-brand as Route, as they launched their much anticipated new research analytics model for the industry.  Costing £19 million, and with a new in-depth focus on people and behaviour, this data set feels like a defining moment for OOH.  As an underwriter of the research, our data team at Rapport have had access to the beta version of Route for a number of months now.  Having seen its capabilities at first hand, we believe that its release to market is the single most important event to have ever occurred in Out Of Home planning – and will help shape the very future of marketing communications within our sector.

A deeper understanding of the audience

In simple terms, Route will provide us with the opportunity to unlock deep and meaningful data driven audience insights, whilst understanding better how relationships are built across platforms and environments.  We now know more about our audience than ever before.  For more information on the methodology, check out the Route introduction video below.

A vast, diversified database

The data set now at our disposal is quite simply vast – containing billions of individual GPS readings and 160 million data records, each complete with an unprecedented understanding of the 28,000 individuals that took part in the research.  Everything from where they live, how they travel, what they like doing, through to their exposure to other media, their shopping habits, attitudes and lifestyle choices, and understanding their digital connectivity.  

Enter a new era of OOH with Rapport and Route

This unrivalled insight into audience is now at the heart of Out Of Home advertising, providing us with a data mining platform from which will rise a new era of sophisticated OOH planning, implementation and trading.  Combining this data with Rapport’s own unique insight and planning tools means that we are well placed to continue pushing the boundaries of OOH effectiveness.

Viva la Revolution!

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