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Kelly Woodward has worked at Rapport, and in Out of Home advertising (OOH) for over ten years. She joined Rapport, working on reception at the beginning of her career, moving through planning and latterly operations. 2013 saw a new opportunity for her where she took on the role of National Buying Manager in our Buying Department. One of the first things Kelly did in her new role was to visit “The Clear Channel Playground”, to kick start the process of immersing herself in the technological developments of the OOH advertising industry as quickly as possible. Read her thoughts on being part of the Rapport team and visiting The Clear Channel Playground here:

Clear Channel, specialists in innovative advertising

“Upon my arrival at Golden Square, Clear Channel’s London head offices, I was quite excited about what new and exciting things Clear Channel had to offer when it came to bolstering their 6 sheet portfolio, and I wasn’t disappointed. Having been ‘out of the loop’ in terms of new inventory for a while, and having only recently joined the Rapport Buying Department, I was keen to see the latest developments in OOH for myself.

From my earlier planning days I always remembered that Clear Channel were instrumental when it came to innovation in OOH advertising, and it was encouraging to see that 4 years on they are still investing in new ways to engage with audiences and bring a campaign to life.

What is “The Playground”?

“The Playground” is a designated room at Golden Square that is equipped with all their latest 6 sheet/Digital technology. Its purpose is to allow clients, OOH advertising specialists and agencies to fully interact and experience everything they have to offer when it comes to amplifying an OOH advertising campaign.

From dispensing machines to gender recognition to NFC (Near Field Communication), you are welcomed to play around and familiarise yourself with a breadth of different opportunities, which for me (as someone who really is a bit of a technophobe) was an ideal way to understand their offering.

How can it help improve OOH?

What was made very clear was that it’s not just about adding something ‘quirky’ onto a 6 sheet brief for the sake of doing something different, it’s much more about allowing your campaigns to really work that bit harder in offering customers more, and reaping the rewards by having quantifiable results from one-on-one interactions.

Definitely worth a look if you get the chance”.

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