How Neuroscience is changing minds about outdoor

Really, it was a no-brainer. Ocean knew that Route, the new audience research body for Out of Home, would restate Outdoor’s credentials as an epic medium. But it wasn’t going to measure the full impact of anything bigger than a 96 sheet or digital out of home’s assets. Simply, what comprises the premium Out of Home market.

Working on feedback from one of our major clients, Samsung, which uses premium Out of Home like the IMAX to deliver game changing campaigns, we recognised the need to look beyond pure numbers to measure the actual impact of their work.

We chose Neuroscience as a complementary route to market because of its proven scientific capability to understand what goes on in our heads by measuring the subliminal, subconscious impact that premium sites could evoke.

Our understanding of how the brain works has come on leaps and bounds over the past five years, and these learnings are now often applied to marketing.  But our study differs from others because it measures how the right brain drives responses, impacting memory and behaviour.

Working with NeuroInsight, a specialist neuro research company, we measured the brain responses of more than 100 people, millisecond by millisecond, as they watched a film of a London road trip they had just undertaken in real life.

Around 1.8 billion datapoints were collected and analysed during the course of the exercise. Analysis of the results was built around a proven link between emotional response, memory encoding and subsequent decision-making and purchase intent.

The study examined the strength of subconscious responses in the right brain, which can prime people to better remember things, creating a higher chance of influencing their purchase behaviour. In doing so, we discovered that:

  • Iconic outdoor advertising evokes strong and positive emotional responses from consumers
  • Iconic sites drive peaks in emotional impact, which drives memory encoding – proving what we have called the Return On Wow.
  • Digital sites cut through compared to static sites and when digital includes motion, great becomes even greater. 
  • Premium sites energise creative work, leading to higher and more measurable peaks in emotional intensity and memory encoding
  • The most iconic sites have a priming effect on adverts that subsequently appear on other sites. 

So what does all this mean? 

Well, not only is the power and versatility of iconic and digital sites as high impact outdoor canvases proven, but Ocean’s study reveals how the whole approach to the planning and buying of outdoor could be changed, in tandem with all the new possibilities and purchasing models that digital outdoor affords.

To find out more watch the video or email

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