The Future of OOH advertising after the Olympics

Our Managing Director, Chris Marjoram spoke to The Wall about what effects the London 2012 Olympics have had on the OOH industry, revealing interesting figures that may not show the whole story.

It’s not surprising to hear that the Olympics had a positive impact on many companies, but in the media world, OOH benefited extremely well. The Out-of-Home sector saw a 25.4% growth in Q3 2012, the biggest quarterly growth ever recorded for the UK’S OOH industry. This vast improvement also came after the industry posted a 9.9% increase in Q2 2012, meaning overall 2012 was a significant year for the OOH industry. However, what will 2013’s statistics look like without a major sponsorship event?

In 2013 the OOH industry is expected to see market revenue fall by around 2%, which, in the end of year figures will show that the industry is declining. However, the figures aren’t showing the true story. If last year’s Olympic figures are removed it shows that the OOH industry still grew by 2%. When using these numbers, it is estimated that the industry will actually grow by 5% in 2013 and not suffer a loss. The industry is also expected to continue growing over the next few years with 2014’s figures potentially surpassing the high of 2007.

The UK government wanted the Olympics to pass on a positive legacy, encouraging people into sport, helping businesses grow and improving industries. When it comes to OOH it appears that the Olympic legacy has worked and the industry is reaping the benefits from it. In Rapport’s case, we’ve already seen the number of campaigns run in H1 2013 up by 3% compared to the same period last year. Our mobile OOH campaigns have also increased, with a number of our clients realising the potential of mobile OOH. And finally our July and August 2013 billings are continuing to increase year-on-year.

To read Chris’ full article and to find more in-depth information about the figures and the future of Out-of-Home advertising please visit The Wall’s website.

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