Sarson’s Vinegar National Fish and Chip Week Activity

We’re a nation of Fish and Chip lovers: over 250 million portions of the famously British dish are sold every year in the UK, it even featured in the Writing of Charles Dickens, and amazingly, was exempt from UK food rationing during both WW1 and WW2.

Of course, hand in hand with our love of Fish and Chips, there’s the age old debate about what the perfect accompaniment to your battered Fish and Chip supper is, and few disagree that salt and vinegar are the ultimate partner, bringing the meal to tangy perfection. As part of National Fish and Chip Week, Sarson’s Vinegar has booked activity with TableTalk Media, making sure that their name is seen in Chip Shops across the country by cleverly branding the bags that the delicious dinners are wrapped and taken away in.

The campaign was our Account Manager Laura Edward’s baby, and was planned in conjunction with our sister agency, UM London.

Thank cod we have a fish and chip shop around the corner from our office, because I only have fries for a fish dinner this lunch time, writing this has made me utterly ravenous. (Sorry, couldn’t help it. Ed.)

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