Ocean Outdoor Launches The Screen on the Tyne

A special, clinking delivery arrived at Rapport offices on Monday morning, as people peered into the crate; their curiosity was getting the better of them. What is it?! they asked. It’s Newcastle Brown Ale! I said, and cheerfully popped them in the kitchen for everyone to help themselves to. The question on everyone’s lips now, was of course, “but… Why?!” As we inspected the bottles, the link became clear. Ocean Outdoor had sent the unexpected Monday gifts to get us to drink and be merry in celebration of the launch of their new Screen on the Tyne, the first and only roadside digital screen in Newcastle, as part of their commitment to expanding their digital portfolio throughout the key UK city hubs. The 48m squared screen is located on the Swan House Roundabout, and launches on 24th March.

Now… is it beer o’clock yet? I’ve been saving mine, and there’s a Newckie Brown waiting for me. Thanks Ocean!

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