Austria Tourist Board Target Audience in the Right Mind-Set

There is no doubt that making your first booking as an Account Exec is an awesome feeling. Speak to any account planner and I bet they would be able to tell you what client their first booking was. It was no different for Stephanie Mina, one of the Execs who joined Rapport at the end of 2013 to work on our Mediabrands agency team. I remember when her first booking came in, it was for Austria Tourist board. The campaign is now live, and we can see it when we’re out and about on our daily commute for the next couple of weeks.

Austria Tourist Board has taken advantage of the seasons changing for the better and people’s thoughts turning to where to go on holiday next. They have chosen to advertise where their target audience are predisposed towards daydreaming of a better place; on Tube Car Panels with Exterion Media, and Train Car Panels with KBH. The activity runs on all tube lines across London, and on National Rail for two weeks from the 10th March. The OOH activity runs alongside some press activity, which was booked through Initiative.

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