Skype Speak to Ethnic Minorities with Targeted Campaign

Skype is synonymous with long-distance communication. People with relatives, loved ones, business associates and friends in far flung corners of the world use the service to speak to them at a comparative bargain. The only problem is people sometimes don’t know where they can top up their credit for the video and voice calling service. So, for this reason, Skype have decided for their most recent campaign, that they will target the ethnic minorities of Britain, letting them know that they can top up their Skype credit at PayPoints in local convenience stores, when buying their groceries.

In the planning of the national campaign, where Rapport worked closely with Primesight to produce another example of a hyper-local, extra-targeted campaign, Skype used demographic heat mapping to decide where to place one of three different creative executions that specifically targeted different ethnic minorities. The campaign went in charge on the 24th March and ran for 2 weeks.

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