Paul Sambrook’s ‘My Week In Media’

My Media Week: Paul Sambrook 

As we blatantly steal the idea for this piece from industry publication stalwart Media Week, we thought we’d give you a bit more insight into the working week of the team here at Rapport Towers. So if you wonder what the week is like for our Marketing Director, here’s a little sneak peek into his working life.


Great start to the week – a Bank Holiday! Unfortunately my mood soon sours as I undertake a 4 hour round-trip to look at a too-good-to-be-true deal on a new (used) car for the family, which turns out to be too good to be true. Still, I get to listen to XFM Manchester for a couple of hours whilst it’s in range – before flicking to Radio 1’s Bank Holiday special of the Top 100 downloads of all-time (yes I am 35 and I often get told to act my age). The afternoon finished on a high though, watching FC United overturn a 0-2 half time deficit to win 3-2 with a 90th minute winner – keeping our promotion hopes alive going into the last match of the season on Saturday. I return home flicking between BBC Radio 5 Live and TalkSport as they break the rumours of the impending sacking of David Moyes. It’s another sad indictment of modern day football that managers don’t get long enough to do a job. As the Bank Holiday draws to a close and with the kids tucked up in bed, my evening is spent preparing for a busy week of international meetings.


6am start for an early train from my Manchester home to our head office in London. A quick read of the Metro on the train – which included a great example of brand storytelling from Apple on the back page (highlighting their green credentials) – before doing a bit of work for our Mediabrands planning team who are about to host 3 days’ worth of OOH planning workshops for UM London. It’s exciting as we’ll be showcasing the first of our results-focused case studies which uses our Author planning process. The infographic looks great and tells a compelling story: how we used Route data to target a very niche audience and effectively change consumer attitude and behaviour.

I also use my train-time to make some last minute tweaks to a deck that I’ll be presenting shortly to our Rapport colleagues over from Amsterdam and our sister agency from Brussels. Mike Cooper, the President of Rapport US, is also over for the meeting as we look to continue Rapport’s international roll-out. The session covers a range of topics including the latest Rapport UK brand positioning, the on-going development and success story of Rapport US, the sharing of best practices and the inevitable commercial conversations. We also have a live webinar from John Laramie, CEO of Adstruc, demonstrating the excellent capability of the US planning software that IPG have recently invested in, aimed at simplifying the OOH planning process.

We bid farewell to our international colleagues late in the afternoon with the promise of “doing this again soon”. I do a Skype call with the family before the kids bedtime and then I spend the remainder of the day and early evening catching up on e-mails and London colleagues before retiring to my hotel for the evening to watch what’s left of a dour Champions League semi-final.


Another 6am start as I’m on yet another train, this time heading to Mediabrands Paris with my boss, Rapport UK’s MD Chris Marjoram. A full-on 4 hour meeting ensues, including overviews of the French and UK OOH markets, econometric learning’s, a best practice sharing session and another conversation about Adstruc. It’s then a mad taxi dash back to the Gare du Nord as we try and make it back to London in time for the Clear Channel OOH Planning Awards in association with Brand Republic.

The dash is worth it as the day is rounded off perfectly with a Rapport win for our Microsoft Office 365 work with the brilliant UM London planners. The campaign used Wi-Fi enabled park benches, taxis and trains to bring-to-life the ‘Work From Anywhere’ product mantra – a great example of innovative OOH planning at its best.


We have our usual 9am weekly management meeting which this week has a new business focus. We discuss our list of prospects, update the group on what has occurred since our last meeting and jointly agree next steps. Never an easy nut to crack but we have some strong leads so the meeting ends on a very positive note.

I then have a late-morning meeting with James Whitmore, MD of Route – the OOH audience research body. He brings me up to speed on the Route Methodology committee, which I am joining next week, and I give him an update on how Rapport are using Route to drive media efficiency for our clients.

I then do a quick round of the office before leaving for an early afternoon train back to Manchester, spending the two hour train journey catching up on e-mails and preparing for next week’s meetings.


I visit our Manchester office in the leafy suburb of Prestbury for my weekly catch up with our Regional Director Alice Bowden and the rest of the team. Alice is soon leaving to start her maternity leave so we have a lot to discuss! After the usual baby talk (she seems to think I’m some kind of expert as I have two kids – I think she’s slowly realising that her faith is misplaced), we cover a range of topics including staff needs, client updates and the inevitable recruitment status. Our regional business is really prospering at the moment so the talks are always incredibly positive, albeit often under severe time pressure! TFI Friday – it’s been another busy week!

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