Is Route Fulfilling Its Potential?

Rapport UK’s MD, Chris Marjoram, was recently quoted in Campaign saying that Route wasn’t yet fulfilling it’s potential.

We thought you might be interested to hear more about how Rapport are using Route and where we believe it’s going.

Route, OOH’s new audience research costing £19 million and five years to develop, was launched just over a year ago to great fanfare. Route would “deliver a revolution and new chapter for OOH”, so the claim went. Yet despite the industry noise about Route, there’s little evidence of it being used to deliver widespread “step change”. Considering the investment and the quality of Route’s data, this is disappointing and it’s something that we are changing.

At Rapport, we are using the data to effectively drive cost efficiencies and optimise campaign performance. We recently ran an OOH campaign for a challenger telecoms brand, and Route data played an instrumental role in targeting a very niche audience. The campaign achieved a ‘Route Performance Score’ of +405 – meaning that we delivered 405% more target audience impacts than the Route benchmark. As well as driving cost efficiency, the campaign was also effective – driving attitudinal and behavioural shifts amongst consumers.

We at Rapport are going to deliver more effective results linked to Route data. So we’re reaching out to you, our media partners. From media owners and clients, to their media agencies and auditors, let’s work together to ensure that Route does fulfil its potential.

Look out for further Route-driven Rapport case studies over the coming months as we continue to focus on delivering “Rewarding Connections”.

If you’re interested in hearing how Route data can be used to help your business, please get in touch with

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