Collaboration Key To Samsung’s Re-brand of Heathrow T5

Collaboration”, along with “Big Data” and “Convergence”, is a business idiom that has in recent years become embedded in the language used by media and marketing communities. Collaboration represents a utopian vision where advertisers and their partners work together to produce high quality, successful campaigns that levitate above the usual advertising landscape.

A great example of collaboration is the launch today of Samsung’s sponsorship of T5. For two weeks from today, London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 has been re-branded as Samsung Terminal Galaxy S5. This sponsorship ties in with Samsung’s recent launch of the highly praised GS5 handset.

At the heart of such collaborative projects are great ideas. It seems to ring true every time that the simpler the idea is, the more effective it is. Challenging thinkers to come up with ideas to provide solutions can spark innovation and actions that can cascade into wide ranging brand touch points. Ideas can, however, be hard to come by. But ideas can come from anywhere. This is why it is important to spread the net wide for inspiration. By joining forces with a wider group of willing and engaged partners it is possible for an advertiser to draw from a wider pool of possibility.

Collaboration does not stop at the idea stage. Implementation of an idea is critical. Collective responsibility will give a group of partners equity in a project. This helps to ensure that potential operational banana skins are avoided and that everyone involved goes above and beyond the call of duty. During this year’s #Media360 conference, this view was discussed and endorsed repeatedly by advertisers, media agencies, and media owners. Good communication is vital; especially in making sure OOH projects are delivered according to their KPI’s. Good information and the sharing of it undoubtedly increase the chances of success.

New Technology also requires collaboration. It doesn’t only require it. It actually demands it. Media campaigns work less and less in silo – especially as digitisation is now a working reality across every channel. Craig Barber, Rapport’s Head of Innovation & Emerging Media, has a pivotal role in ensuring all our planning outputs now use a percentage of the budget to deliver innovative ideas that require a collaborative partnership with media owners and potentially other media platforms. Craig is constantly translating and assessing new opportunities as well as training us to involve our partners in a co-operative manner.

Best in class collaborative work in action

So Rapport extends its congratulations to all involved in making the exciting Samsung Terminal Galaxy S5 project happen. We are proud to be associated with this project, which is the result of Samsung and Cheil taking the time to share their brief with key OOH media owner partners. These media partners were given the chance to look at their media portfolios and assets and feedback relevant ideas.  Many great ideas came back and were analysed closely. The idea to brand the terminal was by far the simplest but also the most powerful opportunity, and JCDecaux Airport & Cheil Communications worked closely to deliver the offering for Samsung. This campaign will have cut through via earned media exposure that extends way beyond the impacts that the media will deliver over two weeks. It has already hit the news wires and as well as being picked up by influential heavy hitters Mashable and the Huffington Post, the story is making headlines around the world from the Wall Street Journal to the Times of India. A great case study for earned media if ever there was one.

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