Top 10 Learnings From Media 360

Paul McCormack and Paul Sambrook attended the Media 360 conference that happened last week. Here they talk about the top ten facts that they took from the conference.

1. Everything starts with a poster, according to Google Labs. Apparently, if you don’t get a concept from a poster, it’s too complicated. But what do they know, right?! They’re just tasked with ‘inventing the future’..!

2. The UK economy is growing faster than any of our EU partners. Hurrah! We are likely to see 3 years of growth (Claire Enders – Enders Analysis).

3. £14bn was spent on Media in 2013. UK marketers spent £55bn on promotional marketing in 2013. This is Media’s biggest challenge and possibly area for growth.

4. The 40-65 year olds of this world are the people in the UK who consume the most media, hold the majority of the wealth, and are the most worthwhile demographic to point your sales efforts at. Have we been concentrating on the wrong people?!

5. Mobile ad spend in the UK is likely to surpass £1bn this year – overtaking OOH. The real opportunity lies in working on synergy with other media channels such as OOH, says Nigel Clarkson @ Weve.

6. One third of social media users do it commuting, as stated by Dara Nasr of Twitter. A good opportunity to integrate OOH and social strategies.

7. Media Channels such as DOOH could really benefit from embracing Programmatic Buying in order to collaborate with the Digital World, but it is met with suspicion due to lack of a clear explanation about what it actually is and means for them.

8. Dunnhumby and Sky IQ are set to form a Data Partnership to measure the effectiveness of TV advertising on Sales.

9. Who’d have thought it: proving effectiveness is pretty important. Evidence of advertising payback and speaking the language of business was cited by Jo Kenrick of Homebase as a key aspect of any agency relationship.

10. Company culture is crucial in driving innovation and collaboration. A number of speakers talked about the need to have a core purpose at all levels of the business, with set company values and principals. The warning to everyone though is that this lives or dies by the quality of management, at all levels I might add.

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