Heathrow Airport Terminal Two Launch

I’ve held off writing up the Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 launch, holding my breath, half expecting a PR and travel disaster with lost luggage, enraged passengers and general chaos in the redeveloped Queen’s Terminal. But Heathrow took an entirely different approach to the T2 launch, learning from their ill-fated T5 launch, and it worked in their favour, with little fanfare and a smooth first week. The 2.5bn Queen’s Terminal that replaced the original T2 which launched in 1955, opened its doors at 10% capacity, and will increase the number of people travelling through it over the course of some months. Heathrow are predicting that 13 million passengers will fly through it in the first year, and 16m in the second. As with the now smooth running, and widely regarded as luxurious Terminal 5, the advertising has been built into the fabric of the structure, taking into account the flow of the passengers and their journey through the terminal, tracking them from drop off, to the point at which they board the plane, and vice versa in arrivals. One of our clients, Samsung, was one of the main advertisers present in the terminal as it opened its doors last week.

One of the more exciting things about the launch is that Heston Blumenthal has launched a restaurant in it, to a widely positive reception. His complex and premium gastronomic experience caters to the premium level of individual that is expected to travel through the Queens Terminal. It has a strong business audience of 38% and is predicted to carry a 90% ABC1 demographic.

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