CASE STUDY – Food & Drink

Bordeaux Wines wanted to raise awarenessstimulate interest and drive sales amongst “Foodies” in London.

Rapport’s proprietary OOH effectiveness planning tool, Alloy, provides a unique insight into the key advertising drivers for the alcohol category. Armed with this knowledge, a role for OOH was established to amplify Bordeaux’s traditional Press and Digital activity, bolstering the campaign in the run up to Christmas by creating brand presence and prestige.
Further research from Exterion Media’s panel, into purchase behaviour for in-home alcohol consumption, informed our sales activation strategy. It showed that our target audience were more likely to buy alcohol on their way home from work.
The resulting campaign delivered brand prestige through the use of premium media placements, pushing the ‘Good Food Would Choose Bordeaux’ association amongst our target audience, while a layered Tube and Rail approach was utilised to create strong brand presence. Digital OOH was also integrated to supplement our core print activity, with messages displayed during the evening-commute to drive purchase consideration.


Our ‘Rewarding Connections’ results-focused philosophy saw us commission independent research by Dipsticks to understand more about the campaign performance.
1 in 2 respondents recalled the campaign, leading to increased brand awareness and purchase consideration. Yet it was the high frequency of Out-of-Home specifically, and its ability to effectively communicate multiple messages, that were proven to be the key benefits.
The research showed that those who were exposed to the OOH advertising more frequently demonstrated greater positivity towards the campaign. Increased exposure to the OOH resulted in stronger propensity to consider Bordeaux Wines, with 4 out of 5 who had seen all OOH ads stating they were likely to consider Bordeaux Wines in future.
The majority of key messages also resonated far higher with those who were aware of all the ads. Similarly, those who had increased exposure to the campaign were more likely to recommend Bordeaux Wines to a friend or family member, than those who had less exposure to the campaign.
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