Amazon and TfL partner to offer Click & Collect on the Underground

Who hasn’t ordered something online, checking the delivery date to make sure it would fit in with your schedule, only to see the item delivered earlier or later than expected, when you’re not available? Online shops are increasingly offering Click & Collect services, and now, Amazon has partnered with Transport for London (TfL) to offer London commuters the possibility of having items delivered free of charge to Amazon Lockers, ready to be picked up the next day.

Amazon: online shopping giant

Amazon are widely regarded as being among the best, if not the best, online retailer. Where online shopping is concerned you can find almost anything you can wish for and get products delivered, often for free, within a few days. With an Amazon Prime account, you can even get free next day delivery! What more could you ask for?

Limitations to delivery

Well, next day delivery is brilliant… if you’re at home when the item is delivered.

There are some ways around having to go fetch your order at the local sorting office, like asking a neighbour to take delivery, having items to be delivered at work, or to a concierge. But let’s face it, it’s still a hassle having to bother your neighbour or concierge, and it’s understandable not to want your work colleagues to know every time you order something.

This is why Click & Collect services are booming: you order something online, be it your groceries, a book, a fragile item or any other product, and you go to pick it up yourself in store – or in Amazon’s case, from a locker – when it suits you! A particular benefit of using Click & Collect for grocery shopping is being able to shop from home and avoid spending hours in the supermarket, don’t you agree?

Click & Collect in the London Underground with TfL and Amazon

TfL is well aware that huge numbers of Londoners go to work using the Underground and lead busy lives, which is why they’ve been investing more and more into Click & Collect services, partnering with big brand retailers such as ASDA to make the life of commuters that little bit easier. It’s also great for customers who want to shop with brands that don’t have a presence in their local area. With Click & Collect growing increasingly popular, it made sense for Amazon to partner with TfL to set up Amazon Lockers starting with Finchley Central and Newbury Park station car park lockers which opened on 30th June. Have you tried them yet?

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