F-ck the Poor – A Social Experiment

This social experiment, posted by The Pilion Trust Charity, involves a gentleman standing around London, lamenting the poor in distasteful fashion amidst a plethora of abuse from passers-by, before flipping his sign over to display a more subdued message – “help the poor” – in an attempt to reveal the stark contrast between both public receptions.

Most of those behind the production and execution of these campaigns would argue that the main goal would be to generate a long-term period of auspicity; fostering a spike in interest towards a particular cause. “F*ck the Poor” is no different, and in its quest to discover how much the public really cares about those less fortunate than them, the results show that most are swift to lash out at those who bemoan the poor, but at the very same time, few are willing to do much about it.

This campaign ultimately begs a question that has become synonymous with most hard-hitting social experiments: “What would you do?”

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