Ad Recall Study Reveals Promising OOH Trend

A leading outdoor operator, APN Outdoor, has unveiled a new study referred to as the Attention Economy. The results of the study uncover that people spend more than seventeen hours outdoors per week, compared to twenty-seven hours watching television and almost twenty hours online. The results continue by suggesting that the gap, in terms of ad recall, was far less than people tended to believe. Outdoor was recorded as one of the highest performers of all mediums tested, with 72% of respondents recalling outdoor ads, compared with 77% for television and 64% for online.

As well as endorsing Out-of-Home as one of the most efficient mediums available, the study also revealed that people tend to entertain very positive feelings towards OOH advertising, ranking as one of the top mediums associated with an overall positive attitude. These encouraging findings are accompanied by suggestions that OOH leads to higher related attention levels, as well as the lowest levels of ad-avoidance of all observed mediums.

Janine Wood, General Marketing Manager at APN outdoor noted:

“We devised the Attention Economy study to assist our clients when planning their media campaigns. With this in mind, we ensured that the study wasn’t limited to just outdoor advertising, but instead put OOH in context to all other mediums. Though not surprised, we are very pleased with the results the Attention Economy delivered because they validate our industry’s claim that outdoor is right up there with television and online in terms of performance. We are really excited to be taking our findings to market and look forward to building on the Attention Economy as it is set to become an ongoing component of our research and insights.”

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