Showcasing Samsung’s Takeover of Heathrow’s GrandView

Rapport’s partnership with Cheil UK and JCDecaux Airport UK will see a year-long Samsung takeover at London Heathrow’s iconic GrandView site.

Fiona FitzGibbon, Head of Media at Cheil UK believed:

“Taking over the GrandView digital tower represented a unique opportunity to make a bold statement and keep Samsung front of mind within an audience-rich environment. The tower’s location makes it unmissable to 100% of Terminal 2 passengers arriving or departing by road to Heathrow. Samsung’s constant presence at Heathrow over the next 12 months will give the brand monumental exposure which no other brand has had access to before.”

Alan Sullivan, Managing Director at JCDecaux Airport UK said:

“By taking a long-term holding on this iconic new superstructure, Samsung will engage with a premium audience of over 15 million passengers at the UK’s hub airport. Samsung has always been at the forefront of Outdoor innovation and so we are very pleased that it has chosen to be the launch brand on the first exterior digital location at Heathrow.”

The campaign launched on Friday 12th September.

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