OOH Amplifies Tour De France Sponsorship for Yorkshire Building Society

As a sponsor of this year’s Tour De France Grand Depart, Yorkshire Building Society forged an association with the world’s most famous cycle race, connecting with local communities as they embraced Le Tour Yorkshire with spectacular enthusiasm.

Out-of-Home was selected as the lead medium to amplify this sponsorship, providing a great opportunity to understand the role that the channel could play in sponsorship effectiveness. Our research identified six ways in which Out-of-Home was proven to add value to sponsorship:


OOH trebled awareness of the sponsorship amongst the target audience

Those who recalled the OOH were x3 times as likely to spontaneously recall the brand as an event sponsor

OOH increased brand trust by 60% and relevance by 63%

Those who recalled the OOH campaign were 28% more likely to consider the brand

The Net Promoter Score was 17 points higher amongst those who recalled the OOH

Those who recalled the OOH were x2 times as likely to take action via website, phone or in-store

Out-of-Home ultimately helped make the sponsorship work harder, inspiring a sense of pride in Yorkshire and helping the brand to cement its positioning as an ‘important part of the local community’.

For further work on sponsorship amplification using Out-of-Home, have a look at our MasterCard video case study. MasterCard have sponsored The Brit Awards for the last 16 years and have used Out-of-Home to amplify awareness and build excitement with fans.
Shaun Springer, Head of Brand and Sponsorship for MasterCard UK & Ireland, believes that Outdoor “added value” to the sponsorship by making it “more impactful” and providing a “stunning showcase” for their communications.

For more information about how Out-of-Home can make your sponsorship work harder, please contact our Marketing Director Paul.Sambrook@rapportww.com

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