Eye Airports Set to Invest £8m in #RedefiningAirports

Eye Airports have announced major plans for their ambitious #RedefiningAirports Project, marking an unprecedented £8 million investment in advertising media and technology across the Eye Airports network. The developments will see new advertising and retail opportunities offered to passengers across both Gatwick’s North and South terminals.

The move has been described as “a massive step in the evolution of Airport media”, which sees the airport advertising specialist invest significantly in the latest media formats. Perhaps the most prominent of which includes the digitised welcome screens, large digital screens in the terminals and a major refresh of screens with better, strategic placement of advertising sites in the retail space.

Investment in Eye Airports’ national footprint, including Manchester, Newcastle, East Midlands, Bristol and Southampton Airports, provides advertisers with more opportunities to reach the UK’s largest domestic airport audience with the latest opportunities to dominate their Airport environments.

Ged Weston, Sales Director at Eye Airports, said:

“This is a bold and confident step forward for the Airport industry. The whole Airport experience has fundamentally improved, and therefore we are changing our offering to reflect this… I cannot wait to see the reaction of our clients and the media industry.

Sarah Parkes, Managing Director at Eye Airports, added:

“Mobile and social media are also a massive part of the new Airport experience, as these are the most ‘checked into’ locations on Facebook. Smart phones are the essential travel companion for passengers, so joining up the dots between mobile, data and OOH now offers a fantastic opportunity for our clients to engage with the Airport audience. Our challenge is how we help and advise our advertisers to now take advantage of this unique opportunity.”

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