79% of Consumers Take Action After Seeing an OOH Ad

According to a study for FEPE International, out-of-home plays a major role in driving consumer response and actions. The research sampled 1,000 consumers aged 18-64 across some of the world’s largest cities. The results indicate that 79% of consumers take action after seeing an outdoor ad, and from this group, 62% took action after seeing a digital OOH ad.

The research continues by suggesting that OOH advertising can work well in collaboration with online and mobile communications, underlining that 40% of urban consumers have immediately resorted to researching online as a result of an OOH ad. For the same demographic of consumers, however, this figure rises for 62% for those who are most engaged with their smart devices while travelling.

In addition to this, 59% of respondents outline the appeal of digital OOH advertising which is time or location-specific, and 65% indicated particular interest towards digital OOH ads that reward ad interaction with, for example, discount vouchers or coupons.

John Ellery, FEPE International Executive Director, said:

”This research study shows that OOH has both separate and complementary roles to play in this age of digital, on-the-move communications. The simplicity, power and memorability of OOH clearly strike a chord with most modern consumers.”

However OOH also plays a role in providing relief from the immersive, pressurised world of digital communications; 53% of urban commuters said they “sometimes feel the need to get away from phone calls, emails and text messages and switch off.”

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