Stephanie Mina’s ‘My Week in Media’

Stephanie Mina shares a week in the life of an Account Executive working in our busy London offices.


My alarms go off at 7am and the first thing I do is rush to the window to check the weather. Today is day 1 of a 3 day campaign for the Holland Flower Council at Westfield London. Running an experiential campaign in England, in October, is pretty bold considering our infamous weather, but luckily the sun is shining!

On my bus ride into work, I check my emails and make sure that the installation and set up of the experiential space has run smoothly and is on track for the launch at midday.

I get to the office for 8:45, in time for our weekly status meeting where we discuss the current market, future bookings, and important events and meetings in the coming week. I am also presenting a short summary of the Flower Council Campaign that goes live today. It is a great chance to showcase my work and explain to the team the strategy behind my planning.

I get back to my desk and catch up on emails, secretly counting down the hours before I can head over to Westfield to check out the campaign! The time has finally come and Craig (who has been working alongside me) and I jump on the tube to Shepherd’s Bush.

It is so fantastic to see the final results and luckily, everything seems to have run smoothly so far! We catch up with Grand Visual, who are running the live feed and CGI technology on Ocean’s Eat Street screen and check that the open loop technology is working correctly throughout the shopping centre.


Day two of the campaign and with a somewhat neglected mailbox, I catch up on emails and make sure I keep UM in the loop about how everything is going. We have a film crew down at Westfield today who will be filming the activity for a promotional video that Grand Visual will be pulling together. With the weather not in our favour today, the film crew attempt to get some shots in between the constant downpours! By 2 pm everything is wrapped up and, despite the weather, the number of people interacting with the screen is impressive.

I head back to the office and feedback to the team about how everything is going, encouraging anyone and everyone to head down and check it out! After pulling together some competitive work for one of our travel clients, I head home after a long day.


Today is the last day of the campaign and definitely the most important; the client is flying over from Holland to check out the activity, so everything has to be perfect. Craig and I head down to Westfield for 9am and make sure everything is running smoothly. After we introduce ourselves to the client, Ivo, we show him the open loop technology that is running on Exterion’s D6s and Centre Spectacular throughout Westfield. We grab a coffee and talk through the booklet that has been pulled together for Ivo and his colleague. We head back outside to the experiential activity, where our hunks are in full swing and doing an excellent job! Thankfully the sun is shining and there is even a queue of people waiting to have their picture taken in the experiential area which was brilliantly pulled off by Ambient Media. We head to the Meat and Co. for some lunch, along with the teams from UM, Grand Visual & Ambient Media. It was a great chance to catch up with Ivo and get his feedback on the campaign, and also talk potential business for 2015! After a very indulgent lunch, we direct Ivo to his taxi and wish him a safe journey.

After three very full on days, everyone can now breathe a big sigh of relief! We head back to the office (feeling somewhat deflated) and I send out an email requesting proof of posting images of the sites that Ivo didn’t manage to see on his trip. After what feels like a very long day, I get the bus back home and have a beer and an early night.


I get into the office for 9 am and the Mediabrands team have a quick catch up on what everyone has been working on this week. We have a few briefs from our client, Royal Mail and I help pull together some insights and competitive runs. After a busy morning, I pop out to get some sushi for lunch and head back to the office for 2pm.

At 3pm, all the planners piled into the board room to listen to Craig talk about the Ocean Outdoor Awards and there was a somewhat heated debate over which campaign was truly worthy of the top prize! It was also a great chance to hear people’s points of view on innovative and experiential campaigns, something Rapport is pushing more and more with our clients.


I get the bus into work, getting into the office for 9am. We have a meeting in the diary with James Withers at JCDecaux who is here (already!!) to talk about their Christmas opportunities. It seems pretty premature to be talking about Christmas in October, but we are starting to get a number of briefs for December and beyond so it is good to get planning early to avoid disappointment.

After the meeting, I head over to UM with Tash to catch up with Lauren Hertzenberg on Royal Mail. It is always so beneficial having one on one meetings with the UM team as opposed to numerous back and forth emails! After a really useful catch up, Tash and I grab a sandwich from the canteen downstairs and jump on the bus back to the Rapport offices.

The afternoon is spent compiling images of the Flower Council activity and tying everything up before the weekend. I update the Mediabrands booking sheet in advance for our Monday morning status meeting and then head down to the pub for a couple of drinks – TGIF!

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