Super Bowl Brands Touch Down with Stunning Outdoor Ads

This year’s Super Bowl was the first to be played in the world’s media capital, New York City; offering brands the perfect opportunity to launch an onslaught of hyper-aggressive marketing activations. While on-screen advertising during the Super Bowl is highly desirable, agencies are also looking to cash in on outdoor advertisements during one of the sporting calendar’s biggest dates. The NFL had estimated that the metropolitan area economy would see a boost of as much as $600 million.

Brands including Bud Light, Macy’s and Pepsi have gone bigger, bolder and louder than ever before. The latter brand in particular, had already swathed the New York area in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, with large out-of-home placements.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Bridgestone pitched a foam pit for kids, Papa John’s gave away pizza, and Under Armour secured a 12,500 square-foot experiential space at Grand Central Terminal, unleashing a 25-foot video wall.

Jessica Chappell, Director of Out-of-Home at Horizon Media, explained:

“These efforts make sense because they allow the consumer to interact with the brand. They aren’t static experiences like billboards or TV ads. There will be so many people coming into New York who aren’t going to the game. A lot of consumers will come into town specifically for those experiences and activations that are open to the public.”

Adam Kasper, CMO at Havas Media USA, suggested:

“There are not going to be as many eyeballs on Pepsi’s activation compared to its Super Bowl spots, but the people who do see the activation are going to remember it more. Brands are really starting to embrace on-location experiences because it is exponentially easier to get the word out about activations now compared to the past, thanks to social media. Marketers are starting to realise that consumers need to actually touch the brand, rather than just look at pixels on a screen.”

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