Coming Soon: A Digital Advertising Opportunity from Admedia

Admedia have made it their mission to continuously provide new and interesting advertising environments that help reach out-of-home audiences in original and engaging ways.

In the pipeline are a couple of exciting new digital opportunities within the motoring sector that will offer the opportunity to reach existing audiences, as well as capture a new urban demographic via unique digital opportunities. By targeting people in a travelling mindset, these new digital channels provide brands real cut through with minimal distractions, unrivalled dwell times of around 40 minutes and high footfalls.

Providing a totally new advertising experience, these digital channels will open up a range of opportunities for a range of sectors, including motoring, telecoms, travel, tourism, finance and CTN. They will offer the chance for day-part advertising, event led advertising, thermal advertising and much more, in a slick impactful environment.

For more information, please visit the Admedia website or get in touch with Rob Lloyd, Head of Digital at Admedia, at

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