Out-of-Home Must Actively Promote its Digital Capabilities to Marketers

A recent research study by out-of-home advertiser Clear Channel has highlighted the pivotal role that the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry must play in ensuring its digital potential is reached.

Innovation was picked out as one of the top buying considerations among marketers under pressure to find new ways to reach mass audiences. However, the media owner’s ‘Look Again’ report, a survey of 200 marketing professionals, reveals that less than a third of marketing professionals said they were aware of the range of capabilities that the medium offered, including contactless technology, QR/NFC integration, and facial recognition.

Sarah Speake, CMO at Clear Channel UK, commented:

“We are at the point where many marketing professionals’ perceptions are at odds with the new levels of digital sophistication available across the OOH medium. In the UK, millions of pounds worth of investment in digital over the last few years has created a medium that is capable of delivering broadcast reach, measurability and brand fame at a national and regional level. It’s no coincidence that some of the world’s top brands are already taking advantage. It’s now paramount that we educate the masses on the new digital opportunities available as well as reiterating the strengths of our traditional formats.”
“Today Clear Channel is transforming bus shelters into tweet-activated vending machines and ad-serving aeroplanes. There’s a wealth of sophistication available across the medium to tap into. It’s our job to shout louder and champion the new capabilities on offer to help our customers engage their audiences on a deeper and more meaningful level. Today marks the beginning of this journey to create the future of media, out-of-home.”

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