Liam Cavanagh’s ‘My Week in Media’

Liam Cavanagh, Account Manager at Rapport, shares his experiences over a particularly busy week in our London offices this month.


The week starts with a peek out of the curtains and this reaffirms my decision to keep the winter cycle clothing on. Whilst the weather has improved the sun isn’t quite out this morning and it’s looking grey after a very sunny weekend, I hop on the bike for the daily 30 minute cycle to my regular commuting destination of H2 in Soho – they are a cycling and running commuter hub in Soho and offer commuters an alternative choice to the overflowing London transport networks.

Monday morning sees the usual flurry of both company as well as team update meetings, it’s been a flying start to the year and a very strong quarter across a breadth of clients across all the teams at Rapport. Monday also brings about one of the more interesting meetings of the week with a company we are in the process of partnering with to inspect sites on our client’s behalf, with the digital landscape constantly changing this presents some thoughts and ideas that they will hopefully find useful. Accountability is always on the agenda and OOH needs to ensure it is constantly improving even across standard formats, and we think this is a fantastic solution. The rest of the day sees checking in with the various media owners across some Samsung activity we have on option, ensuring everything is in place from Friday’s confirmations.


Still in the winter cycle clothing. The morning starts a bit earlier as I’m off to the gym before work I’m an early riser so do not mind the alarm going off at an earlier hour. The morning consists of answering a few emails as we are still finalising the upcoming Samsung launch campaign we are still working hard alongside Cheil to ensure all bases are covered across the activity, this is a vital launch for Samsung and it is important that we maximise all OOH opportunities.

The afternoon consists of walking down to see the 7 Stars and the Suzuki client; it is all still brand new at the 7 Stars new offices so am ushered very promptly into the correct meeting room. The topic of the day is the new Suzuki Vitara and the client is very excited about their most important new launch of the year, not before there is a mention of the Top Gear exposure of the Suzuki Celerio on Sunday night. We skip over this quite quickly and move on to discuss the media plans with the team as well as taking the creative agency over a few creative requirements. Suzuki are aligned with Rapport in the audience delivery potential within Route, and the future this has for OOH, we have a quick catch up on this before I return to the office for a well-deserved cup of tea and round off the day catching up on emails.


Rain. Still cycle in. I’m excited to have seen late last night that we received some pro photos for the new NOW TV re-brand activity that has been live, the Waterloo Motion alongside a host of smaller format digital sites look really good with a clever creative concept at the heart. The highlight of the day comes at lunch with a trip to Meatliquor with the guys at Hive. I make the rather damp walk across the West End with Phil Kennedy, we’ve done some really cool lenticulars for the launch of the A-series with Samsung so have a catch-up on this whilst also devouring burgers and wings in a very cool grungy setting. I’m out of the office tomorrow so arrive back at the office after a few light refreshments and am frantically trying to tie up a few loose ends rather than pass these on to the team.


Don’t cycle. I’m off to Manchester with MediaCo for a site tour, everyone always says that there is no better way to see outdoor than to visit sites and I wholly agree. We meet Rachel from MediaCo at a very civilised hour and proceed our journey north, the highlight of the train ride being spotting Roy Keane sitting in front of us on the train – he orders porridge for breakfast I opt for the less healthy fry up option. We arrive in Manchester and Steve Barton meets us and we are ushered into a very spacious minibus for a drive round Manchester’s inner ring road. We see sites that not only MediaCo sell but also across a variety of the media owners, with the emphasis on selling Manchester rather than pitting media owners sites against each other; a refreshing view.

A quick(ish) lunch stop at the very popular San Carlo then leads us nicely into a walking tour of the city, I’m a big fan of Manchester and the new #1 Manchester digital screen is a great addition to the city centre digital sites. We also get a quick insight into the retail destinations as well as pedestrian traffic flows, these are both things you only learn from visiting and seeing sites which is one of the best parts of the job. We then file back onto the train to the big smoke, I’ve come up with Paul and Steph from the Mediabrands team so the 2 hour journey flies past.


Sun’s out. I’m on the bike. No jacket today. As always the first question anyone asks after a site tour appears within seconds, “What was the best site you saw?” Whilst wanting to play a straight bat I have my favourite but come up with an alternative Manchester investment strategy. Questions out of the way it is time to turn the focus to Friday morning and the impending Samsung approval, there has been quite a bit of movement on Thursday so the morning is mainly spent checking in with the team as well as the buyers to make sure I’m on the correct page.

The new launch campaign approves which is a fantastic way to finish off the week, the afternoon consists of tying up a few internal bits of paperwork, and then the focus is on the weekend. I go for a quick celebratory pint with the rest of the team and then cycle home, I’m off to Majorca for a spring training camp in a few weeks’ time with MediaVelo so the focus this weekend is getting in some more miles on the bike, hopefully the sun will make an appearance…

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