Exterion’s Next-Gen Cross Track Technology Marks New Era in DOOH

Exterion Media has announced the opening of an interactive Innovation Centre to showcase DX3 (Digital Cross-Track 3), its hotly anticipated new cross-track technology solution for the London Underground, set to launch in summer 2015.

Powered by technology developed by NEC Display Solutions, DX3 gives advertisers a valuable platform to connect with young, affluent, and tech-savvy urbanites. The technology delivers a premium visual experience for consumers, enabling advertisers to showcase a wide variety of high quality, immersive content that informs, entertains and captivates audiences travelling on the London Underground network.

Exterion Media’s new DX3 screens will:

Showcase Content to Engage Consumers for Longer

  • State of the art media players will offer live feeds and the ability to stream video content and daily features.
  • At 3m proximity to on-platform commuters, consumers can get up close and personal to content, which together with impressive platform dwell times leads to greater engagement.
  • Premium Visual Experience on the Platform Next-generation digital cross-track screens offer a host of enhanced product features. The DX3’s large 11m2 display offers an HD experience to ensure maximum impact.
  • Units are brighter, with projections moving from 3,500 lumens to 11,000 lumens. This ensures consistency of image across the network, meaning advertising looks equally good, across all stations.
  • A 50% increase in screen resolution means improved clarity and sharpness of images within the tube environment, making content look better and thereby increasing engagement and dwell time for advertisers.

Ensure Better Audience Targeting

  • Informed by Route and TfL data, screens are situated in strategic locations on the platform that attract the highest audience figures.
  • Two screens per platform are placed across 15 of Zone 1’s busiest tube stations.
  • Access for advertisers to the largest central London digital network in the market, including iconic stations such as Paddington, Waterloo, Victoria, Oxford Circus and Covent Garden. Mean Greater Accountability
  • DX3 has the ability to schedule advertiser’s content in line with their requirements and create bespoke solutions.

Exterion Media’s purpose-built Innovation Centre opens in Bermondsey on Monday 20th April and will give advertisers, creative agencies, partners and suppliers the chance to experience this exciting new technology first-hand. Over the next few months more than 1,000 visitors are expected to attend demonstrations, trial content, experiment with new creative executions, interact with the technology and get a better understanding of the breadth of possibilities this innovative platform has to offer.

Click here to see how the DX3 will look when it launches in the summer! 

Jason Cotterrell, Managing Director at Exterion Media, commented:

“DOOH is now responsible for a quarter of all UK Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising spend and the technology and insights that power this medium are advancing all the time.

“Our next-generation DX3 screens signify a new chapter for DOOH, enabling targeted advertising and engaging content across the London Underground network. This launch sets our product development and innovation agenda for 2015 and beyond.”

Total inventory of UK DOOH sites is set to grow more than 40% between now and 2020, according to Kinetic Worldwide. With annual OOH ad revenues soaring past £1bn for the first time, DX3 offers advertisers both flexibility when it comes to content and time slots and strategic site locations informed by Route data to ensure the largest audiences.

Graeme Craig, TfL’s Director of Commercial Development said:

“We are delighted to be working with Exterion Media and NEC Display Solutions to continue to drive innovation on the London Underground. We are looking forward to discovering how DX3 can be used by creative organisations to engage and entertain our customers.”

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