Sky News Bring Election Discourse to Digital Out-of-Home Screens

Rapport worked alongside Sky and Grand Visual to measure social activity on Twitter with up-to-the-minute information being displayed across national roadside digital 6 sheets, including mall and National Rail.

The digital out-of-home special, which went live on Wednesday 6th May, demonstrated how Sky News was at the heart of the inspiring election conversation. A system had been built that pulled in data from social media analytics company Vigiglobe, a partner that Sky have collaborated with for the Sky News app, to measure the latest stats of the election build up.

OpenLoop was used to manage live data reflecting the performance of the 5 main political parties on Twitter. On screen the dynamic creative adapted every hour according to social media sentiment to keep the public informed as the election progressed. Vigiglobe analysed all relevant tweets based on which party had had the most positive tweets and which party had been tweeted about the most over the previous hour and fed that data via API into OpenLoop.

Alasdair Weddell, Media Planning Controller at Sky, commented:

“Sky News coverage of the General Election is about being up-to-the-minute, relevant and accessible across multiple platforms. This dynamic digital outdoor solution enables us to be first for breaking election updates even when our consumers are out and about.”

Craig Barber, Head of Innovation and Emerging Media at Rapport, said:

“It’s yet another exemplary campaign from Sky who are harnessing the power of digital out-of-home. Sky News is able to visually represent the election conversations taking place across the UK, showcasing how Sky News is at the heart of election campaigning. Digital out-of-home is one of the few mediums that is able to support this up to the minute data on a national scale. 

Neil Morris, Managing Director at Grand Visual, explained: 

“This campaign for Sky News demonstrates the power of digital OOH for brands in a rich and relevant way through smart use of data. OpenLoop and enhanced digital OOH communication really comes into its own at a time like this when the public have a real hunger for insight and a trusted source.

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