Social Experiment Reveals Dark Truth Behind Factory Life

A campaign at Fashion Revolution Day by BBDO Berlin, UNIT9 Berlin and Fashion Revolution revealed the conditions under which some super-cheap clothes are manufactured.

The ad shows people attracted to an offer to buy a t-shirt for €2 from a vending machine placed in Berlin. Before onlookers insert a coin, the machine begins displaying the conditions in which the t-shirt was made, and then asks if they would still like to purchase it.

The shocking images show footage from textile factories where women and children manufacture goods in extremely poor working conditions and often without a break, for only 8 pence an hour.

After 20 seconds, an option appears on-screen: ‘Buy or Donate’, and consumers are left facing a moral decision. Eight out of ten people decided not to continue with their purchase, making the conscious effort to donate to the cause. The spot has been shared 62,293 times in the past seven days.

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